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What are the side effects of alcoholism

What ae the side effects of alcoholism

Taking alcohol is associated with many negative effects on the body of a person. This is because alcohol is a drug which affects the way a person feels and also acts. Alcoholism has both short term as well as long term effects. The short term effects are experienced immediately a person takes the alcohol and it is absorbed into the bloodstream of the body. The effects of alcoholism differ from one individual to another. Some of the determining factors which contribute differences in effects include the personís age, weight, and the personís size. The amount of alcohol taken also produces different effects. A lot of alcohol consumed will definitely have different effects from little alcohol taken.

Alcohol is a depressant and the reason why most people take it is because of the disinhibiting effect that it possesses. When taken during the social functions, people tend to become talkative as they are less inhibited. When taken in large amount, the alcohol tends to cause a person to develop slurred speech, nausea and vomiting as well as disturbed sleep. Even when taken in small doses, alcohol tends to impair the overall judgment as well as coordination of a person. Such activities as driving a vehicle can result to disastrous effects because the person is driving under the influence of alcohol thus they cannot make rational judgment. A person who is constantly under the influence of alcohol also tends to have an aggressive nature. They are constantly involved in rows with their family, spouse as well as colleagues. In case they are parents, there is a high likelihood of abusing their children. Hangover is another effect of alcoholism and it is associated with a persistent headache, thirst, nausea, fatigue as well as dizziness.

Addiction to alcohol which is caused by prolonged intake produces damaging effects to the body of a person. There are many health effects which results like liver and kidney problems. When an alcoholic does not take adequate food or the food taken lacks the necessary nutrients there is a high likelihood of having these complications. Withdrawal symptoms experienced when one tries to stop taking alcohol include a lot of anxiety, tremors, convulsions as well as hallucinations.

Alcoholism affects virtually all the body parts. The brain is directly affected by alcoholism as it affects all the brain cells leading to unclear thinking. High amounts induced may lead to unconsciousness and even death in the extreme cases. The work load of the heart is increased and irregular breathing may result. In the long run an alcoholic may suffer from high blood pressure. The veins and arteries tend to widen and when the blood vessels of the body widen then a person experiences constant headaches and body heat loss. A person may also experience anemia as well as other infections because of the inability of the blood to produce new blood cells which are vital for the whole body development. Alcohol is also generally known to cause muscle weakness even on such vital body muscles like the heart muscles.

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