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What is alcoholism

What is alcoholism

Alcoholism is considered a serious problem as many of the victims find it very hard to get out of it. The victims usually find themselves with an unusual crave for drinking such that they cannot control themselves. Once they feel the urge, they can do anything as long as they get a drink. Such people usually feel nauseated, sweaty or anxious when they have not had a drink that you would think they are sick.

Alcoholism can be described as an addiction that someone has to alcoholic drinks. This occurs when someone takes such drinks without controlling him/herself. However, the level of alcoholism in one person will always differ with that of another person. Some people are mildly affected while some are severely affected and these are the ones in more danger. Alcoholism can lead to many disastrous effects which include health problems, loss of job and even loss of life.

Someone usually starts to take alcohol in small quantities and with time, they develop the need of always wanting more. This is where the addiction comes in and if someone is not helped, he/she eventually suffers from alcoholism. This has also been categorized as one of the chronic diseases and once someone gets into it, he/she might live with it for the rest of their lives. Alcoholics can also stay for sometime without drinking but they still go back to drinking. People with alcoholism are always advised not to drink at all to avoid the effects.

Some of the causes of alcoholism include perfectionism, emotional disturbances, communication problems, feelings of guilt and inferiority, problems at home, fatigue, and boredom among others. These causes can be categorized into emotional, psychological, social and cultural hence an alcoholic may be suffering from one or more of these. You can easily know someone is suffering from alcoholism if he/she is finding it very difficult to control or reduce the amount of alcohol taken or if someone is violent when drunk or when someone has to drink in order to do something such as work efficiently.

The good thing is that with proper treatment, alcoholism can be completely cured as many of the drugs used have been found to be very effective. However, continued use of alcohol can results in other health complications such as cancer and the victim may have to be treated for them too. Many people who have developed alcoholism have ended up being on treatment and on medication for the rest of their lives. This has proved to be quite expensive for them and their families too who have to meet medical expenses incurred.

Alcoholism can easily make someone who likes to drink to be an addict or to start abusing drugs. It is therefore important that people who have realized they are alcoholics should stay away from alcohol as much as they can. This will protect not only them from the effects of alcoholism but also those close to them who might be affected in one way or the other from their condition.

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